full circle ideas

bring your ideas full circle

Welcome to our supportive community space for intuitive entrepreneurs to tend to your ideas with intentional time & gentle accountability.

This could be the space you’ve been seeking, especially if …

  • you prioritize clients by showing up more for them than for your own needs leaving little time to work on your business and feeling overworked, uninspired and possibly guilt and shame.

  • you’re craving some structure to stay on track and committed to your work. Even if you're super self-motivated, having gentle accountability and being witnessed can really get your ideas percolating, inspire action and follow through. 

  • you're feeling overwhelmed with managing your time and not sure where to start or how to progress. You've got that one big task on your to-do list that feels more like a whole project, and it keeps getting pushed aside because it requires so much time and effort. 

  • you’ve rocked with virtual coworking and wanting more of it as it energizes you to be with others while giving you the space needed to focus on what matters.

  • you find typical online entrepreneurial spaces uncomfortable, often prioritizing hustle capitalism over ethical considerations. You’ve felt the pressure of online business coaches pushing "right" pathways that can induce feelings of inadequacy, misaligning with your personal values and stifling your unique magic.

  • you're feeling lonely on this entrepreneurial journey and seeking ways to connect with others who get it. To find support and ask for help along the way. 

this space is your invitation to …

  • anchor your actions in setting intentions and reflection practices to align your efforts with confidence. 

  • feel supported with gentle accountability, ensuring you're not alone in your journey. 

  • join co-work sessions dedicated to focusing on your ideas, projects, learning, administrative tasks, and creative playtime. 

  • be in community with fellow heart-centered, socially-conscious people that honor the personal and emotional aspects of business, including dreamy playtime, and explore the productivity benefits of body doubling.

  • find your rhythm in both your business and personal well-being by proactively creating structures that invite what success looks like for you and explore producing your ideas for impact.

  • embrace self-compassion and grace, counteracting the urgency imposed by capitalism, as you streamline your workflow to develop a sustainable practice aligned with your values.

Materialize your magic in community

What's included to help you tend to you and your business:

🤩 gentle accountability to be witnessed in your work. This will be based on your preferences such as if you'd like the hosts to follow up or to be matched with a buddy on a monthly basis etc.  

💫 weekly intention setting and retrospection prompts will be provided for you to consider what your areas of focus are for the week and reflect how it went.

🌟 bi-weekly community co-werk in service of you. We are whole-ass humans and we deserve time and space for all parts of us. This session offers the freedom to tackle entrepreneurial tasks, catch up on emails, or even take a rejuvenating power nap. Whatever tickles your pickle!  (Offered over two sessions on the same day to support many time zones.)

🎨 monthly creativity circle for whatever feels expressive. We invite you to channel your creativity into any artistic endeavor of your choice, be it writing, painting, music, coloring, coding, or any other form of expression. No boundaries, just you and your creative flow, amplified by the shared energy of fellow creators.  

📚 monthly learning lab is for your educational pursuits - whether it’s something you’ve been itching to research or catching up on all those online courses you’ve stockpiled. You have the freedom to get your explore on. 

🌑 monthly meditate / manifest / motivate session were we will support each other as we plant new seeds and watch them bloom under the energy of the new moon. During this session, we will focus our thoughts, clarify our goals, and manifest our dreams. You are encouraged to meditate, journal, or engage in any manifestation and planning practice of your choice.

🌗 monthly reflect, reassess and release session is a perfect time for us to get introspective during the last quarter of the moon cycle. We will take a moment for ourselves and focus on looking back to move forward. You are encouraged to journal, meditate, or engage in any reflective practice as we pause and connect.

✨ community spaces are available anytime to support ask/gives, resource sharing, and promoting your offers.

Be present and supported in any phase of your ideas' lifecycle.

Meet the hosts

Like many entrepreneurs, Cindy Lee Alves Watley (they/she) and Dana Escamilla (she/her) created Full Circle Ideas as a space we felt we needed for ourselves in our businesses. 

Our story began as members of BFTP, each raising our hands to be placed in a consistency pod to provide gentle accountability as we each had a project to focus on. In December 2020, the stars aligned for us to be matched with two other folks and what started out to be a month-long pod has evolved into an ongoing weekly call still happening today. 

In addition to the pod, over the years we've continually nurtured our solopreneur connection and supported each other with coworks, dreamy playtime creative sessions, resource sharing and whole human conversations. 

Having experienced and witnessed the power of what’s possible to create for ourselves while being in community and one-on-one, we’re excited to bring this collab full circle and share with more folks who are seeking this kind of time, support and connection. 

Cindy Lee provides inclusive sexuality education, empowerment workshops, and consulting for the Global Majority - centering Black women, femmes, and nonbinary folks. 

Learn more about Cindy Lee and Ascension Institute 

Dana offers website design, brand and marketing communications strategy and project management support to values-driven service providers.

Learn more about Dana and Stargazer

frequently asked questions

What makes this space different from any other entrepreneur space?

Our commitment is that you are able to be your whole self here. Where many entrepreneur groups focus on capitalism, 'right way' methodologies, and urgency - we have found many do not align with our energetics and values. Full Circle Ideas is for heart-centered, socially conscious folks to honor their unique energies and purpose with greater attention placed on practice versus pressure. 

Will there be recordings if I can’t make the calls?

No, we will not be recording. The co-work times are in service of you and your schedules. They are opportunities that might feel resonate and create carved out time for you to be present and intentional in your business.  We acknowledge we can’t meet everyone’s unique schedules, but we’ll be inquiring with the community as we go to find times that work for folks.

You always have the benefit of being in the community and can drop a message 24/7. There’s also the option to be partnered with an accountability buddy where you can make your own co-work times that better fit your schedule. 

What is accountability?

Accountability looks different for everyone. We approach accountability as setting your intentions and meeting your goals in a generative way that feels good for you versus a prescriptive way. Once you join, we will offer a variety of ways that you can choose on how accountability will feel most supportive to you. 

Do you offer direct support with our projects?

Our support will be present in the community and hosting co-works. If you are interested in direct support there is an option to book 1:1s or 2:1 at an additional charge with Cindy Lee and Dana. 

What is the cancellation policy? 

Full Circle Ideas with the Materialize Your Magic plan is offered as a monthly subscription and you can cancel anytime through Mighty Networks. If you join on the annual plan, you can cancel prior to the annual renewal. There are no refunds for either the monthly or annual commitments.